Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pony Loses Liquor License

In case you missed this, The Pony Steakhouse and Cabaret had its liquor license pulled by the Liquor Control Commission Monday night, due to the owner having been convicted of tax evasion and forgery in California in the 1990s. Since, of course, the main reason to go to the Pony is to drink and look at girls in scanty outfits dancing, though I understand they have good steaks, I doubt the establishment will stay open long if its appeal to the state falls through.

City council and government have likely been trying to figure out ways to close the Pony every since it opened up. If you clicked on the link, imagine the sign there reading "Girls! Girls! Girls!" on the main street running through Carbondale and only half a block away from the town square. Also imagine every potential new student at SIUC and their parents driving right by that sign on the way to the university? Not a great image to leave in the minds of the parents.

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