Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SIUC Enrollment Down Again

As has been all over the local news, SIUC's fall enrollment is down again, this time by 970 student, roughly a 5% drop from last fall.  This is a pretty sizable hit, too big to get classified as just a variation from the mean.   Administrators blamed outside factors including:

amount of financial aid available to students, smaller graduating high school classes and drops in enrollment at local community colleges, from which a number of students transfer to SIU.

in other words, everything except the actions of the university.


  1. Is it me, or is it time for a wholesale purge of senior management at SIUC?

  2. Chris Wissmann called for that in this week's Nightlife.

  3. FYI (not saying anything for or against a purge)

    SIU just went through a wholesale purge in middle management when Rita Cheng arrived. Nearly all of the deans and other people who report to the Provost are new; a bunch of the people who run student services departments are new, and about half of the people who report to the Chancellor are new.