Monday, September 10, 2012

City Council Meets

City Council meets tomorrow at 7 p.m.  Among the items on the agenda are a vote on the mayor's proposal to award $90,000 over the next three from the hotel/motel tax to the Carbondale Park District to help fund the proposed aquatics park.  The Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau voted last week to support the re-allocation of the funding.

Also of importance on the agenda, another look at raising parking fines, which have stayed at the same level since 1999 and are lower than comparable municipalities.   Some revision to senior parking permits is proposed as staff has seen senior permits on cars parked long term in the already congested Amtrak parking lot, as well as appearing on multiple cars.

There have been some complaints raised about raising the parking fines, that doing so would hurt those who can least afford it. If you cannot afford the parking fine, there is an easy way to avoid it.  Just don't break the parking regulation and, presto, no ticket.

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