Monday, September 3, 2012

Game of Carbondale

A copy of The Game of Carbondale, circa 1980 on display in the Civic Center.  From looking at the game, it looks like a fund-raising effort by the Carbondale JayCees.  Play is similar to Monopoly with spaces on the board sold to local businesses, who were then given copies to sell to try to recoup the money they spent on the space. On the board, but no longer in business:  Booby's, Perfectly Clear Printing, Piggy's Gourmet, Jake's Tire, Burt's Sandwich Shop, Longbranch Clothing.  On the board and still in business: State  Farm Insurance, Arnold's Market, Taco Bell, B&A Travel Agency, Pinch Penny Pub, Old Town Liquors, Diederich Insurance, J. C. Penny's. Still in business under another name:  The Waterbed Shoppe (now known as Furniture King).  Some other business on there as well, but don't have the names in my notes.

I remember seeing a copy of this in the window of the Book Depot (gone for some 15 years, used to be located behind Phoenix Cycles) in the early 90s. Stop by and see how many of the places on the board you remember.

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