Monday, April 4, 2011

Yard Signs

If the increase in yards signs is any measure, Tom Grant, Jessica Bradshaw and Rick Jackson have surged strongly in the past couple of weeks. Jackson's performance at the recent candidate forums seems to have attracted a lot of attention and he, based on the number of signs, now has a lot more support in the near northwest section of the city. Tom Grant, as indicated by signs, has a lot more support in the Arbor District than he showed earlier in the campaign while Bradshaw's (and Lance Jack's) support looks scattered throughout the city, as does Riley's.

Only a few signs have popped up touting Fronabarger's candidacy and no new ones for Holt since early in the campaign. If Williams and Wester-Mittan have any signs, I haven't seen them.

Based on sheer number of signs, though, Jane Adams and Don Monty still remain in the lead.


  1. Williams doesn't. He's pretty much backed out of the race. Where are all of Grant's? I saw one of his for the first time this weekend.

  2. I've seen a number of Grant's along West Main and West Walnut close in to the Arbor district area. They are pretty plain, white with black lettering. He has more up than Holt and Fronabarger but fewer than the others. However, he has gone from nothing to 20+ in the space of about 2 weeks.

    Jackson is the one I'm really impressed by in terms of numbers. I've even seen one household replace its Adams' sign with a Jackson one.