Sunday, April 3, 2011

Why I Am Voting For....

Joel Fritzler for mayor. Four main reasons, three of which he shares with Steven Haynes and one he doesn't:

1. Experience with city government. Similar to Haynes, he has about 6 years of experience with city council and government under his belt. Maroney and Goldman have none.

2. Part time mayor. Though some people have cited the full time availability of Goldman and Maroney in the position as an advantage, I have to wonder how having a full time mayor affects the effectiveness of Alan Gill as city manager. In a larger community, having both would certainly help the community run more effectively. However, from what I hear from talking with people who deal with the city government, Gill runs decisions by the mayor before undertaking anything, slowing decision-making at upper levels of city government. From what I have seen of the temperament of both Goldman and Maroney during various forums, I would expect them to both have management styles to Mayor Cole. Part time mayors, such as Fritzler and Haynes, would leave more decisions in the hands of the city manager, which is why we pay him.

3. He asked me for my vote, as did Haynes. Despite speaking with both Goldman and Maroney at several forums, neither asked for me to vote for them. It's not a huge factor but still, the personal touch does count.

And the reason Fritzler gets my vote and not Haynes:

4. He voted against the Saluki Way tax. As I have indicated before, I think the tax and the way it was implemented was the biggest mistake made by the council in the past 8 years and will haunt the city for years after the current council has long stepped down. In addition, at the first mayoral forum sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club, when asked about the tax and stadium funding, Haynes, Maroney and Goldman all indicated they still thought it a good idea. Given that I don't, I have to question whether I want them in the leadership position in Carbondale. This reason, combined with the previous three, means I will vote for Joel Fritzler on Tuesday.

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