Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stadium Grille Closed

Just got an email that the Stadium Grille on East Main closed its doors on the 7th. I'd never ate there and the word I'd heard was that the food ranged from very good to "eh". They were a strong supporter of downtown Carbondale, having particpated in several fundrasiers for various downtown events and had invested a lot of money in building the place. Hat tip to Lauren for the info.

Always did wonder why their architect designed the building the way they did, with the main entrance facing the west side rather than the street, where most traffic was. If you drove by on East Main, the building didn't make nearly as much impact as it would have with the front facing the north.


  1. Well, the 7th was Monday and the Stadium Grille is always closed on Mondays. How solid is this info?

  2. One of the owners texted people (not me) the information Sunday night