Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Police Station

Sat in on the opening of bids for building the new police station this afternoon. About 2 dozen people in attendance: police officers, city staff and contractors, it looked to my admittedly inexperienced eye. The city received 9 bids, including one delivered by a gentleman at a run, to make the 3 p.m. deadline. In order, the were:

Hector Construction $7,056,000
Morgan Commercial Structures $7,686,000
S. M. Watson $7,265,500
Volker Construction $7,310,000
Schimpf Construction $7,315,000
Faber McGee Commercial Construction $, 085,000
C. Rallow Contracting $7,147,000
River City Construction $7,034,000
Contegra $7,020,000

No bid has been accepted yet. It's my understanding the city will turn them over to the architects to look over and make sure they comply with the plan the architects drew up. I overhead one local contractor commenting they had no idea who the low bidder, Contegra, was.

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