Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roofers Arrested

Looks like the C'dale Police have arrested 7 roofers in recent days for operating within the city without having the necessary license:

In response to complaints and concerns, the City of Carbondale Police Department, the City of Carbondale Building and Neighborhood Services Division, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation conducted compliance checks in Carbondale on roofing contractors. Investigators met with contractors and determined if they were properly licensed in the State of Illinois.

As a result of the compliance detail, investigators arrested the following seven people and charged them Licensure Requirement 225 ILCS 335/9(1) Class A Misdemeanor. Each person posted bond and was released pending court:

Bryan L. Adams (Adams Const.) – Marion, Il

Robert M. Gunter (Gemini) – Royalton, Il

Thomas R. Norris (N & S Const.) – Christopher, Il

Brian F. Kennedy (Brian Kennedy Const.) – Pomona, Il

David M. Mitchell (Mitchell Exteriors) – Murphysboro, Il

Jonathan E. Gille (Property Clean) – Herrin, Il

Charles L. Hardy (H&D Contractors) – Equality, Il

The goal of the compliance check is to ensure quality services for the citizens of Carbondale by licensed contractors. All persons and companies doing roofing work in the City of Carbondale must be registered as a roofing contractor with the City’s Building and Neighborhood Services Division. Roofing repairs should be made by qualified roofing contractors who are licensed by the State of Illinois.

Homeowners and contractors are required to contact the City of Carbondale before initiating repairs to properties to determine if the extent of repairs will require a building permit. Replacement of shingles and minor repairs do not require a permit. A building permit will be required for roofs that require structural repairs or new roof decking and sheathing.

Persons and companies doing plumbing work must be licensed by the State of Illinois as a Plumbing Contractor. Persons or companies doing electrical work must be licensed by a municipality within the State of Illinois as well as registered with the City. The Building and Neighborhood Services Division maintains a list of licensed roofers and electricians that are registered with the City.

For information on how to become registered or licensed as a roofer, a plumber or an electrician or for a listing of registered roofers and electricians contact the Building and Neighborhood Services Division at (618) 457-3237.

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