Thursday, July 23, 2009

Online License Renewal

Got a letter from the Secretary of State offering me the option of renewing my driver's license online, being as I'm a safe driver and all. Cost is $10 plus a minimal payment processor fee. Sounds good. Get to the website and find out that minimal processing fee is $1.75. I'm supposed to pay a processing fee of over 10% of the cost of the sticker, when the maximum cost to process a $10 charge on a credit card is about 35 cents? I realize the state is in financial difficulty but that just smacks of usury.

1 comment:

  1. Even at $11.75, the price is a steal. Take a look at the neighboring states.
    Wisconsin: $34 for 8 years
    Indiana: $21 for 6 years
    Kentucky: $20 for 4 years
    Iowa: $8 for 2 years or $20 for 5 years
    Missouri: $22.50 - $45 for 3 - 6 years