Monday, July 20, 2009

SIUC Student Value

Caught this interesting nugget on this morning's Morning Conversation with President Poshard. 1,000 SIUC students are worth $17 million in tuition and fees to the school. Breaking it down further, each student added or lost is worth $17,000 per year to the university.

Edited to reflect it was President Poshard not Chancellor Goldman, as noted in the comments


  1. One of the suggestions for the $1 million a year in taxes that was given to Saluki Way, by me and others, was to spend it on scholarships. If it could have attracted several hundred students a year, then it would have truly helped the economy of SIUC and Carbondale. Instead Brad Cole rammed through the Saluki Way gift of $20,000,000 of our tax money...for a sports faciliity. The whole thing should be renegotiated and the money spent on students in this terrible economic time. Of course Brad will be long gone - whether he runs for Lt Governor or not - he's history.

  2. The Morning Conversation on WSIU was with President Glen Poshard, not Sam Goldman.