Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bucky's Dome Update

Had the opportunity to speak with Brent Ritzel from the Bucky's Dome Board of Directors last night. Despite the lack of new news on the website, the BDBOD has been busy. Ritzel says they have sent out a slew of grant applications and are especially hopeful about two that should be decided upon by October. Those two total aobut $303,000 which, if they come through, would allowing for a complete rehabbing of the dome, even getting the plastic sheeting off.

I'd been curious about why no sign outside to dome to let people know about its historic signifcance. Aparently, there have been six signs put up since the rehab project started and every one of 'em has been stolen withing a week. Nice to know there are that many local fans of Buckminister Fuller. Now if they'd just kick in more money.

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