Friday, January 28, 2022

Outside Advisors

 I have noticed both the city and Univeristy tend to hire outside advisors when making decisions like this.  the city also hired an outside firm to design the new city logo and, under Rita Cheng, the university hired an outside marketing firm to advise in the rebranding and marketing of SIUC. Only thing that came out of that initiative was some banners along the streets on campus.

Always bemused me that neither the city nor the administration  make  more use of the people and departments on campus. SIUC has some very qualified desingers and resarchers and an entired department of amrketing that the administrations could take advantage of but nope, got to an outside firm instead.


  1. Perfect example of Can't See The Forest For The Trees! Sad.

  2. The outside firm Cheng hired was a long standing contact that usually charged $1 million per year to provide the type of abysmal advertising. The administration has nothing but contempt for their faculty and marketing also falls into this category. The medical school should have been contacted for this Covid relief rather than outside advisors so perhaps a clean-sweep of the city personel along with SIUC administrators who mandated Covid-testing in Grinnell Hall violating social distancing rules on the first morning should all go.

    Perhaps it is now time for the City Council to end the Saluki tax imposed on it by Poshard and put the money to better use.

  3. My bet is that when the Saluki tax expires later this decade, the city will pass an ordinance directing the tax remain and go to fund somthing else. That is what happened a few years back when the tax passed to fund repairs to the high school was due to expire.