Friday, January 14, 2022


 Accoding to this, just over 6200 students at SIUC have had a test for COVID and 6.8% of them tested positive. About 4000 more to go which means seated classes will start next week without everyone getting tested. Seems to me it would make more sense to require everyone to get a shot than a test as the shot helps top you from getting sick or reduces the symptoms signifcantly.  I would rather know that I have reduced my likelihood of getting the thing or suffering symptoms rhater than, at one particular time, you did not have it.

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  1. Again, this is another example of the gross inefficiency of Lane and Mahoney and the urgent necessity of instantly firing them ASAP.Even without F2F, students are already dropping out like flies from mandated class sessions next week and going into quarantine.

    By repeating the error of last year (that they were fully informed about), starting the semester a week early, and arranging appointments in Grinnell Hall at the last moments resulting in huge lines WITHOUT ANY SOCIAL DISTANCING last Monday week, the administration has increased the spread of this pandemic. They knew about the seriousness of this new problem by December yet chose to do nothing about it until the very last moment.

    It is not yet safe to allow students to return to class. Last semester a colleague was refused to teach remote and ended up in a broom cupboard classroom resulting in 9 students falling sick with Covid. Nether The Southern or Daily Egyptian has the courage to report these disturbing facts, so the whole community, as well as local businesses, need to be informed about another, but more deadly example, of the constant mismanagement of SIUC.