Saturday, January 1, 2022

Downtown New Year's Eve

 Since I was up, I took a quick drive through downtown Carbondale just after midnight New Year's Eve. Hanga 9, as mentioned in yesterday's post, closed for the week and will reopen on Jan 7th.Indigo Lounge on West Main had a small crowd with a couple of people on the sidewalk outside.  People had overflowed to the sidewalk at PKs as well and the parking in front and across the stree were full. The Celler had no overflow but parking was full at the end of the downtown lot near the bar. Tres Hombres appeared pretty lively as well. The spot that suprised me was Trax, as every available parking space for a block around the bar was filled. 

Not a lot of foot traffic between the bars though but the rain likelly had a lot to do with that. Isaw one lone soul walking on South Illinois.

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