Thursday, May 6, 2021

Bike Path

 I noticed along with the widening of Hwy 13 east of Carbondale, IDOT is putting in an adjacent bike path. From what I remember, current Illinois law mandates, when expansion of roads like Highway 13 is undertaken, an adjacent bike path must be installed. A really good idea, esp. for a city like Carbondale, which positions itself as a bike friendly community and lies on one of the cross country bike routes.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Help Wanted

 Made some purchases at a local business today and got to chatting with the gentleman who assisted me. He is an SIUC student who leaves for the summer tomorrow so we got to talking about filling positions in Carbondale and all the "Help Wanted" signs around. Before he landed the job he was leaving, he said he and his friends had a dickens of a time getting those businesses with help wanted signs to respond. three places he applied for never got back to him after he left a message indicating his interest in the positions but the signs remained out. The fourth place did talk with him but said they currently were not hiring and just "had the sign out".

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


 What used to be known as Curbside and the Icebox, and House of LEisure which never opened, as far as I know, is under renovation. The building sites in the 200 block of West Main was a gym and a car dealership at one time, but has been a restaurant the last 4 times it has opened.

The problem with the location is that it has no parking. In the past, they arranged for parking in the church lot across the street and/or offered valet parking. hopefully they can work out something for people to park close by.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

COVID Numbers for April 30

 Friday April 23 Jackson County 4947 infected, 72 dead, 4811 recovered, Randolph County 4124 infected 85 dead 4024 recovered, Union County 2184 infected, 32 dead 2149 recovered and Williamson county 7483infected 120 dead 6966 recovered.

Friday April 30 Jackson County 4992 infected, 72 dead, 4843 recovered, Randolph County 4140 infected 85 dead 4043 recovered, Union County 2193 infected, 32 dead 2153 recovered and Williamson county 7562infected 121 dead 7053 recovered.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Homes for Sale

 According to Zillow, there are currently 107 homes for sale in the Carbondale area and 10 have recently sold. Not sure what the site means by recently but, since I received a monthly report, I assume in the past month.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Downtown Businesses

 Following up on the post about local restaurants with staying power, I got to thinking about downtown businesses, that are not restaurants,  that have lasted (oh and I forget Tres Hombres as one of the restaurants still around after 30 years). The ones that I have come up with are:  Old Town Liquor, The Door, Jerry's Flower Shop, The Door (storefront church so not technically a business but it has been here for 30+ years) and Priority Sports (previously Shoes & Stuff). Did I miss any?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Police Chief

 As I had predicted, the city has selected interim chief Stan Reno as the new Carbondale chief of police. having spent his life in Carbondale and on the police force, he has an intimate knowledge of the community. Here is hoping he gets more foot patrols established in the city.