Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Murphysboro Motel

I see construction on the new Holiday Inn in Murphysboro at the intersection of 13 and 127 should start this summer. Given the speed at which Carbondale's Hilton has gotten constructed, maybe they will get finished at the same time.

I do wonder if there is enough demand for a second motel in Murphysboro. We could use one or two more in Carbondale, as the lack of lodging space has proven a major obstacle in recruiting conferences and sporting events to come here. Last time I checked, the city had roughly 500 rooms available, not counting AirB&B and similar lodging, for people coming in for a high school sports tournament or professional conference to rent. the lack of lodging for attendees at large events is  a major reason Carbondale does not attract large conferences and sports tournaments. We have quality facilities to host them but not enough places for them to stay.

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