Friday, February 23, 2018

Funding Cuts

It looks as if they city council will cut funding to various civic organizations by 5% or about 18,000 in total. I can see the point of view of the council members who said that the decline in student attendance at SIUC has affected city sales tax revenue and that the city needed to cut its own budgets and it needs to spread the cuts around so that no one takes a huge hit. I tend to agree with Councilman Jeff Dougherty who opined that the $18,000 was so comparatively small that the city should be able to come up with the money in order to keep supporting these organizations in their work at last year's funding. although no one likes to see their own funding cut, I would be if city staff looked ahrd, they could find $18,00 to trim from something in order to fully fund these organizations.

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