Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Message from the Mayor

Clean up your property, especially if you are a business, is the word from Mayor Henry. The city wants the city to make a good impression on the thousands or tens of thousands expected to arrive for the eclipse

With less than four months until the solar eclipse, the City of Carbondale is encouraging all businesses to give their properties some extra attention as the community prepares to welcome thousands of visitors.
Improvements include touching up paint, landscaping upgrades, repairing sidewalks and repainting parking lots. 
Carbondale Mayor John “Mike” Henry said, “If we all work together over the next few months, it will make a big difference in how people perceive Carbondale.”
The total solar eclipse will reach its greatest point of totality just south of Carbondale on August 21.
For more information about the solar eclipse, contact Carbondale Tourism at (618) 529-4451 or visit www.carbondaleeclipse.com.

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