Thursday, November 3, 2016

Building Demolitions

A couple of iconic buildings in Carbondale have gotten demolished in the past month, the Jeffery Laundromat, as mentioned before on the blog, and the Horizon nee, Holiday Inn on East Main Street. The Horizon has sat empty for the better part of the past decade while the city tried to determine who actually owned the property. Apparently there were a number of corporations associated with ownership and it was hard to track down which one to give the demolition order to.  The city has had some interest in the property but not with the mold infested building standing on it. Once it is gone, the city should find it easier to sell the land to a developer.

The nearby BP gas station that has sat empty for the past year or so, following a couple of abortive attempts to re-open it, should also get razed in the near future as Casey's General Stores wants to open at that location but plans to remove the current building and start over again from the ground up.

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