Friday, October 9, 2015

Live On Main Concert

Stopped by the Live on Main concert tonight that featured Lydia Loveless and starred Jason Isbell. S. Illinois was blocked from the intersection of S. Illinois and West Elm back to the intersection of Illinois and College. The photo, taking about 8:15, is from just south of Hangar 9 looking north to the stage. The crowd, which I estimated at 2000 to 3000 but the people working the gates will have much more accurate numbers, filled S. Illinois from West Cherry, where the state sat, to just past Pagliai's Pizza. However, the area fenced off for the crowd reached back to Old Town Liquors and that section was comparatively empty, though it may have filled after I left.

Crowd looked pretty orderly, likely due to people getting patted down as they entered the concert area and the strong showing of security people around the venue. I did hear reports of a number of rude drunks driving around downtown though, so am hoping no incidents occurred.

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