Monday, November 17, 2014

City Council Candidates

Both Adam Loos and Navreet Kang will appear on the ballot for the three positions open on city council.  Here is Loos' announcement of his candidacy:

CARBONDALE – Adam Loos announced his candidacy for Carbondale City Council Monday morning shortly after filing paperwork at city hall. Mr. Loos currently serves on the city’s Planning Commission, and is President of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. Loos previously served on Carbondale’s Sustainability Commission.

 “I have lived in Carbondale for fifteen years. My wife and I own a home in Carbondale, and we are raising our son here. We care about this community and want to see it thrive,” Mr. Loos said in his announcement. “Carbondale has a lot going for it, but it also faces some problems. I want to build on our strengths and overcome our obstacles,” he added.

Loos said his campaign will focus on improving quality of life in Carbondale by improving the city’s downtown and residential neighborhoods and preserving essential city services. Loos also said he wants to encourage small business growth in Carbondale.

Mr. Loos said he is running for city council for two reasons. “First, a lot of people have encouraged me to run. Second, I believe my experience serving on city commissions and working with the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association will help me serve the city and build a government that works for our citizens.”

The council seats currently held by Jane Adams, Corene McDaniel, and Lance Jack are open in 2015. Adams announced on Saturday that she will be a candidate for Mayor in 2015. McDaniel has previously said she will not be a candidate in 2015.

If thirteen or more candidates file for the three council seats, the city will hold a primary election on February 24, 2015, to narrow the field to six. If twelve or fewer candidates file for the three seats, there will be no primary. The general election is April 7, 2015.

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