Thursday, August 21, 2014

More on Chief O'Guinn's Firing

The Carbondale Times has a long look at the current situation surrounding the firing of Jody O'Guinn, while the Southern looks at the situation from O'Guinn's viewpoint. Meanwhile, Interim chief Jeff Grubbs, who held the position once before 2008-2009 says the department will take things one step at a time.

I did speak briefly with Grubbs Tuesday evening and he repeated that the department will take things slowly in the wake of O'Guinn's firing. When I asked him if he planed to seek the position permanently, he smiled and said it was way too early to even think about such a thing.

Here's an audio interview by Monica Zukas with the  parents of Molly Young and Pravin Varughese after the announcement of O'Guinn's firing. In case you don't want to sit through it, both families are quite happy O'Guinn is gone but feel the police department needs further investigation.

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