Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Live blogging City Council And LCC Meeting

8:43 Council business all concluded, just discussing future snow removal and what can be done, especially since the snow removal routes are designated by ordinance, so calling it a night.

8:33 Fronabarger says that Carbondale has become more of a retirement community and more focus needs to be paid to those areas during snow emergencies.  Baity responds the city will be looking at updating snow removal recourse.   Monty now concerned about the lax snow removal from sidewalks by both homeowners and businesses.

8:28 Lance jack now make not very helpful comments about the earlier increase in the property tax levy, justifying his vote in favor of raising the tax. Adams now pointing out that Carbondale has a LOT of taxing bodies which get a share of the property tax and which the council has little to no control over.

8:27 After much discussion, the cable franchise agreement is approved unanimously.

8:12 discussing extending Carbondale's cable franchise agreement with Mediacom. It appears Mediacom is seeking a state agreement with might overrule the state agreement.

8:05 preparing to vote on extending Downtown Special Service levy for 2013 to provide funding for Carbondale Main Street.

7:55 Discussion on ordinance abating 2013 tax levies for General Obligation bonds. Approved

unanimously after an explanation by Don Monty, of course, regarding what was going on.

8:15 Adams now asking if M edit com office will remain in Carbondale and if the city will still retain the public access channels, which I have not been able to find in recent weeks. According to Baity, the answer to both is yes.

8:12 ordinance now up to extend the cable franchise agreement with Mediacom.

8:05 Ordinance extending the downtown SSA that funds Carbondale Main Street up now. Passes unanimously with little discussion and none from the audience.

7:50 Don Monty pointing out the city is levying a tax next year to pay this year's bills while Lee Fronabarger says we have to consider that the university has lost 500 jobs in the pass year. Tax levy passes 5 to 2 with Adams and Fritzler voting no.

7:37 Council now discussing approving the 2013 property tax levy.  Jane Adams and Lance Jack now discussing funding sources for pensions, with Jack saying the city doesn't have much in the way of other sources for funding while Adams the city should continue to seek out inefficiencies in city systems. Jack wants to make sure people realize there is not $90,000 in inefficiencies in city government.

7:33 Monty just wanted to point out that this is the first hybrid vehicle purchased by the city and that he believes it is a good purchase. Item then passes unanimously.

7:25 moving into consent agenda. Don Monty, of course, wants an item pulled from the agenda, specifically #6. Rest of consent agenda approved unanimously.

7:20  Representative from Concerned Citizens of Carbondale with questions about hearings regarding Bright Fields solar array project. Mayor says they have not had any communications from Bright Fields. Kevin Baity says he will have a conference call with BrightFields in the near future.

7:00  Liquor Control Commission met and quickly approved Pita Alley's request for. a Class A1 liquor license.

7:10 Council comments regarding hours for winter farmer's market.
7:15 Marvin Kleinau requesting that the city make more than one pass through his residential area in case of snowfall 

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