Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kia Dealership

Just noticed that Ward Chrysler Kia has opened a Kia exclusive dealership in the empty dealership complex on San Diego Road east of Carbondale.  Since that spot has sat empty ever since the Honda/Kia dealership there decamped for Marion, it is good to see another business open there, especially since I believe it falls within Carbondale city limits, generating more sales tax for the city.

Updated to correct the previous delaership as noted in the comments.

Update:  According to an email,  the dealership property was annexed by  Carterville after a lawsuit.

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  1. I believe it was Ike Honda/Kia, not a Chevy dealership. Ike farmed off its Kia dealership to Ward when it moved to Marion, so this is the Kia dealership coming back home, so to speak.