Friday, November 15, 2013

Yellow Cab Closed

In case you have not noticed, the distinctive yellow taxis of Yellow Cab vanished from Carbondale's streets over a month ago and the office shut down as well.  I just noticed the sign on the long time downtown business had been painted over.  From conversations with a couple of the drivers, it appears that tax problems were at least partially responsible for the business' closure.

It appears long time Yellow Cab employee Diane Tatum has sought to reopen Yellow Cab (scroll down) but the city has denied her application for a cab certificate, needed before she can reopen the business.  Granted, Yellow Cab's taxis did not look particularly appealing but customers used them regularly and the company provided employment for a number of people who are now out of work.


  1. Unfortunately, this comopany was well-known for its inefficiency and reudness to customers driving them to a better alternative company

  2. Any chance that the southern misspelled the authors name? Could that be David Trampier?

  3. Tony, agreed. However people kept using the company.

    Fletcher, I think you are correct. I spoke with Trampier a couple of weeks ago and he said he had worked for the company for over a decade and hoped to see it reopen soon.

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