Tuesday, November 26, 2013

D's Quick Stop

Happened to be in the area north of the square and noticed how empty the east side of this block of North Washington remains, over two years after D's Quick Stop burnt.  For those not familiar with the area, D's sat in the empty space nearest to the camera, while the Tuscan Lodge occupied the green area further down the street.  The building in the center used to house Urban Trendz clothing, but I do not know if the business remains active. 

At the time of the fire, owner Margaret Nesbitt said she planned to reopen the business, but no signs of that happening, at least not at the North Washington location.  No indication of any development at the old Tuscan Lodge site, either.


  1. Unless you turned around or to the right slightly as you take that photo. Behind you, people go in and out of Arnette's all day and night long. Rahim's Beauty usually has some sort of conversation happening right outside the door (and how often do you see that?) and WDBX is just across the way...

  2. True. I did specifically mention the east side. You have the Big Muddy Media Center just south of WDBX as well, though I don't know how active it currently is.

  3. Last I heard, Advanced Energy Solutions was moving into part of that space. Otherwise, it's been pretty un-used.