Thursday, October 11, 2012

Public Safety Center Sign

While I realize the official term is "Public Safety Center", a sign directing people to the "Police Department" would certainly be more useful to people looking for it.  I know that, if I was looking for the police department, "Public Safety Center" is not the first thing I would look for.

By the way, that sign directly under it still reminds people that it is against the law in Carbondale to congregate on sidewalks during evening hours. While I have not heard any stories of the police telling people to move along after coming out of bars later in the evening, it was a fairly common occurrence for several months after the city council passed the ordinance. enough so that the manager of Jimmy Johns at the time complained that it was affecting his late night business.

1 comment:

  1. Next thing you know they will stop calling Christmas, Christmas! You have me wondering what else is in that building? Fire? Crosswalk guards?

    I agree, "POLICE Station" is the right sign.