Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Haunted Carbondale Hundley Gravesites

These are the gravestones of those associated with the most famous unsolved murder in Carbondale's history, that of J. C. and Ella Hundley and J. C.'s son ( and Ella's stepson), Victor.

Someone murdered the elder Hundleys in December of 1928 in their home, still known as Hundley House.  Victor was the prime suspect and only person ever brought to trial for the crime, and quickly acquitted.   Victor and his wife left the area for a few years, apparently living in St. Louis where they separated/divorced. She and their daughter vanish from the story, but Victor returned to Carbondale, living an isolated existence on the outskirts of Carbondale until his death of a heart attack in the early '60s.

In case you fancy yourself a cold case detective, the city of Carbondale still has a $1000 reward on the books for whomever committed the murder.


  1. Please tell me the syntax is satirical. Please!

  2. Nope, it was me typing fast and not double checking. Thanks.