Monday, January 30, 2012

More on Polar Bear and Accident

According to an email I received from a reader, Pinch Penny's security at this year's Polar Bear had increased from last year, with private security people walking the parking lot at both Pinch's and Cali's.  Pinch also reduced the total number of people allowed in the beer garden from last year, allowing new people to enter only when an equal number exited.

It also appears there is a hole in the security fence at almost the exact spot where the man was struck by the train Saturday and that people have used it frequently as a short cut to get back to the Towers, even dragging pallets to the spot to make it possible to cross the muddy ditch.

For those not familiar with Carbondale, the accident location is some distance away from any of the bars participating in the Polar Bear activities.  He would have had to travel several blocks after leaving wherever he was drinking in order to get there.

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