Friday, January 13, 2012

Economic Impact of SIUC

This report got a lot of attention when it was released last fall.  I just ran across a longer article giving more details. Among some of the highlights:

SIUC has a economic impact on 32 counties in central and southern Illinois.
Every dollar appropriated by the state to SIUC generates about $7.75 in economic activity.
That same dollar generates about 40 cents in tax revenues to both state and local givernments.
Just over 17,700 jobs are created (directly and indirectly) by SIUC.
$357.5 million in research grants generated over the last 5 years.
Those same research grants generated about $42 million in state and local taxes.

It can't be overstated just how important SIUC is to the well being of southern Illinois. The university is the economic engine for the entire region and I fear enrollment (which is what ultimately brings the dollars in) will continue to drop until the university gets leadership with the long term commitment to the institution that Delyte Morris brought.

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