Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Michael G. Neill Appointed

At 10:20, council got out of the closed session to determine who would fill the remainder of Lance Jack's term in office. I don't know how the vote went in closed session but they voted unanimously in open session for Michael G. Neill, currently Trust Officer for TrustBank. According to the press release handed out by the city, Neill previously served on the Carbondale Park District Board from 1987-1995 and on city council from 1995-2003.

A total of eleven letters of interest were received by the city to fill the vacancy, eight arrived before the deadline for consideration. The council considered those submitted by Arnold Ross, Sr., Michael Neill (well, yeah), Henry Dews, Steven Miller, Brad Hagy, Craig Anz (who is circulating a petition seeking a spot on the ballot for city council), Jerrold Ross Hennrich (also seeking a spot on the council) and Mike Riley.

The city received letters from, but did not consider due to missing the deadline, Pawel Sawicki, Lance Jack (planning to run for the seat he gave up), Janet Elizabeth Donoghue and Brent Ritzel (circulating a petition to get on the ballot for mayor).

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