Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2

Got curious so checked with a couple of councilpeople to see if, given the complaints from bar owners and managers about how much they lose Halloween weekend, if any of them had ever approached the council with a proposal to re-open the Strip over Halloween.
say the bar owners present a proposal whereby they foot the bill for crowd control and clean up. I know that I have little interest in seeing the limited amount of tax dollars the city has available spent on an increased police presence in downtown for those there days, and based on what I remember from past Halloweens, that police presence would be significant.

Point is probably moot though, since it appears concerned parities have approached the council only twice in the past 10 or so years an dneither person had anything close to a formal plan, it was more of a, "hey would you consider reopening the Strip bars over Halloween" question. Without a formal proposal, I don't see anything changing in the next couple of years.

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