Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted Carbondale

Oakland Cemetery at the north end of Oakland Avenue has several weird stories circulating regarding it. The Schwartz Mausoleum, one of two in the cemetery, normally has the door locked tight. However, on occasion, visitors have found the door unlocked, allowing them to enter. I have found burnt candles on the mausoleum's front steps on occasion, though nothing in the past six months.

There are reports of lights floating along the northern edge of the cemetery, along were railroad tracks used to run. Similar lights have appeared floating along other tracks sections as well, notably along the tracks near Boskydell and the tracks south of Makanda.

Jim Jung, in his book Weird Egypt, also reported seeing a strange catlike creature, running through the brush near Oakland. I haven't heard any reports of similar critters running around in recent years, though.

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