Friday, July 9, 2010

Sergio's Bar and Grill/ El Greco's

It appears that Sergio's Bar & Grill has fallen through. The company had applied for a liquor license last year and planned to go into the La Bamba/Express Burrito & old Jimmy John's locations on South Illinois, across the street from El Greco's. There's been no work done on either the exterior or interior of the two locations and the liquor license the company received last year has lapsed. So no Sergio's and no sign anything is going in there in the immediate future.

Across the street, El Greco's is negotiating with the city to turn the empty plot of ground where the American Tap used to stand into an outdoor dining area. Apparently the sticking point is the city's desire to lease the property to El Greco's, while the restaurant wishes to buy it outright.


  1. Yeah, that's what the city needs to do-- f**k with the rare business that proves it can not only STAY in Carbondale, but actually wants to expand and improve!

  2. And the city has so many other businesses begging to rent or buy the land. The property has been sitting vacant for years while the city was waiting for the bidding war to end. Right? Right?

  3. Even Godfather's Pizza apparently couldn't hack it here-- El Greco's has gotta be doing something right. Throw 'em a bone, Carbondale! I need my source of vegetarian pitas UNINTERRUPTED!