Tuesday, July 20, 2010

City Council Agenda

Here's what's on the agenda for tonight's exciting city council meeting. Apparently there's going to be a heck of a lot of denying going on tonight:

1. Roll Call
2. General Announcements and Proclamations
3. Citizens’ Comments and Questions
4. Public Hearings and Special Reports
1. Public Hearing on Annexation Agreement With V.A. Beadle Trust at 4 Crown Lane
5. Consent Agenda
1. Approval of Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting Held on June 22, 2010
2. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 05/31/10 FY 2010 Warrant # 1097
3. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 05/31/10 FY 2011 Warrant # 1098
4. Approval of Warrant for Period Ending: 06/14/10 FY 2010 Warrant # 1099
5. Acceptance of Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees
6. Resolution Rescinding the Policy Established in Resolution No. 90-R-34
7. Ordinance Amending Title Two, Chapters One and Four, of the Carbondale Revised
Code Relative to Liquor Licenses for Bed and Breakfast Establishments
8. Ordinance Adopting the Prevailing Rate of Wages of Laborers, Mechanics and Other
Workers Employed in Public Works as Certified by the Illinois Department of Labor
for the Annexation Into Williamson County
9. Resolution Affirming the Award of Contract for Computer Programming and
Engineering Services for the Water Treatment Plant SCADA System, CIP No. WS1101
10. Award of Purchase of SCADA Hardware for the Water Treatment Plant CIP No.
11. Award of Purchase of a 2010 Model Special Response Vehicle/ Mobile Command Unit
for the Police Department
6. General Business
1. Ordinance Approving and a Resolution Denying V.A. Beadle Trust’s Request to
Rezone a 1.36 Acre Parcel Located at 4 Crown Lane From RR, Rural Residential and
AG, General Agriculture, to SB, Secondary Business and an Ordinance Initiating an
Annexation Agreement Between the City of Carbondale and V.A. Beadle Trust

2. Ordinance Providing for Two-Way Traffic on East College Street, Establishing Stop
Signs on East College Street and Establishing “No Parking” on East College Street

3. Ordinance Approving and Resolution Denying Patterson Industries LLC Request to
Rezone a 5.39 Acre Parcel Located at 1209 East Walnut Street From PUD, Planned
Unit Development, to PA, Professional Administrative Office

7. Council Comments
8. Closed Meeting
1. Closed Meeting to Discuss Personnel, Collective Negotiating Matters, the Sale,
Purchase or Lease of Real Property, Pending or Imminent Litigation and to Review
Closed Meeting Minutes
9. Adjournment

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