Monday, June 22, 2009

Notes from Pickle's Alley

Drunken revelers back on campus.
Uh, Gov. Quinn, the budget needs to save everything. Whether it can or not is the question.
What a surprise. SIUC is getting looked at in the case of the "clout list".
James' account of his internship at the Mobile Press-Register might make for interesting reading but with small white font on black background, I'll never know.
Yep, DCFS cuts will hurt kids. All cuts will hurt somebody. Interesting discussion going on in the comments here with most people supporting their views through anecdotal evidence.
Darn, Carbondale isn't an All American City. Are we a partial American one, then?
Geez, more bicyclists through town. At least they stopped at Mary Lou's
Trains, trains and more trains.
It's nice that they're doing it but couldn't they find a house a little closer to SIUC?

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