Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging the Budget

Some interesting goals and objectives in the budget. Some that stand out are:

1. Expand the City's boundaries and jurisdiction in an orderly manner while maintaining quality services.
2. Support transportation improvements that will improve access to and from the community and properly channel traffic through the City.
3. Develop and maintain a comprehensive bicycle trail network in the community.
4. Provide customer service training to all City employees.
5. Transition the City's vehicular fleet to energy efficient vehicles.
6. Acquire energy efficient equipment for City facilities and operations.
7. Encourage and attend neighborhood meetings to serve as a source of information and provide more community outreach.
8. Seek cooperation from property owners and tenants in the correction of code violations and aggressively prosecute those who fail to comply with the law.
9. Maintain the integrity of residential neighborhoods through strict enforcement of occupancy limits.
10. Promote the concept of citizens helping themselves and each other rather than relying entirely on City government.


  1. What does #10 even mean? Should I get a ladder and change the lamp when neighborhood street light stops working? Should I take my neighbor up on his offer to take the junk from my yard and dump it in the woods / nature preserve? Should I have handled it myself rather than calling the police when I saw someone breaking into an apartment? Should I buy bottle rockets and Roman candles for a neighborhood Fourth of July display instead of relying on the city's display?

  2. Carbondale has great bike lanes, they used to be called sidewalks. Since no one walks anymore, it works great. :)

  3. It's illegal to bicycle on the sidewalk in Carbondale. Unlike NYC, the Carbondale cops probably won't throw you in jail for sidewalk riding. Nevertheless, it's probably safer to bike on the street, where bikers are much more likely to go the same direction as traffic.