Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Tap

Checked with the city about the status of the American Tap property, and, according to both Mayor Cole and Kevin Baity, the city has actively tried to sell the property since purchasing it, talking with realtors both local and national, but nothing has come of it. According to the mayor, the city tried to sell it in conjunction with the building now occupied by The Counttry Goddess, but the asking price for the Goddess' building was too high. The city is now working with a developer who is acquiring other parcels in C'dale. If you're interested in the property, Asst. City Manager Baity sent along some details about it and is supposed to get back to me with a ballpark figure of how much the city is looking to recoup:

The Tap property has 55 feet of frontage and depth of 100 feet. All utilities are on the lot and a new sewer tap and service line were recently installed. Any development there would get a major real estate incentive through the Enterprise Zone. This is due to the City owning it and the lot does not have an assessed value. Therefore all of the improved value would receive 100% abatement for 5 years and then 50% abatement for the second 5 years.

Update: I just realized it's been over 4 years since the Tap was demolished.

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