Friday, February 21, 2020

Downtown Business

Nice to see all three of the storefronts behind Phoenix Cycle occupied. Quall's Hats is directly behind Phoenix Cycle, then Mirror Mirror Hair Salon and lastly and event planning agency, of which I do not remember the name. Unfortunately, due to the Hilton next door, there is no adjacent parking for them, meaning any customers must park across the street (and pay) in the civic center's parking lot or a bit further away, (and also pay) on Illinois Ave. 


  1. Surely having a Hilton on the strip, and the people it brings, is worth more than the 25¢ an HOUR it costs to park. Or would you rather a strip full of free parking and no businesses?

  2. Would certainly like to know if the Hilton has improved business in downtown. According to the city, the free parking did not