Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Problems for SIUC Athletics

If the article is correct regarding what Athletic Director Moccia said during Sambursky's interview for the assistant coach position, then he left SIUC wide open for a sex discrimination lawsuit.  I worked for Wal-mart for several years as an assistant manger back in the 1980s and one of the things drilled into our heads was that you could not ask a woman applying for a job (or a man either for that matter) if they had children or bring the children up in the conversation unless the interviewee brought it up first. You could ask them if there was anything about their current status or lifestyle that would prevent them from performing the duties of their job, but indicating during the interview that you felt that children would prevent an applicant from performing the job, unless the applicant said so, was a no-no.

Looks as if someone else feels this way as well.  Here's what the Southern had to say earlier this month and Channel 12's story as well.  Meanwhile SIUC womens' track and field coach Connie Price-Smith said about the support she gets from the althletic department:

Price-Smith, who has competed and coached at SIU for 14 years, vehemently disagrees with even the suggestion that women don’t have the full support of the administration within Saluki Athletics.
“When I hear it I go, ‘What are you talking about?’” she laughed. “Everybody seems very supportive of what I do. I don’t really recognize, see or hear anything but great support for women’s athletics within our department.”

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