Sunday, August 21, 2011

More on Council Items

Have received a couple of emails and communications regarding yesterday's post.  Apparently the Arbor District did not actually support the request by Home Rentals for the special use permit for W. Monroe but viewed it as pretty much a given that it would go through.  The organization decided to make the best of what they viewed as a bad situation by making certain that the apartments would meet certain standards when built.  I am told that, in the audio of the council meeting, Arbor District representatives make it clear they do not support the special use permit.

Also regarding the Blue Fish transfer, the applicant, Manny Patel, had checked on his transfer application that he had paid his taxes on time, when in face he had not.  Of concern to the council is the fact that he appears to be having difficulty securing a Best Western franchise for the former Ramada Limited motel he owns on Giant City Road, as the Best Western signs have been installed for several weeks but remain covered with blue tarps.

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