Monday, June 27, 2011

Maddie Poshard and SIUC

Here's the original story from the Tribune regarding President Poshard's granddaughter receiving a Presidential/Chanellor scholarship to SIUC this fall, which covers both her tuition and room and board, totaling approximately $20,000.  An important thing to note, as President Poshard pointed out in an interview with WSIU this morning, is that she also applied to, and received scholarships from, Xavier University and St. Louis University, as well as SIUC.  Those schools, however, cost about $50,000 per year, of which the scholarship would only cover approximately the same amount as the full scholarship as she is receiving from SIUC.

The reporter also notes that a current faculty member's (whom is not identified) daughter also received the scholarship this year and children of other faculty and staff members have won it in the past.

If she wasn't President Poshard's granddaughter, of course, there would be no story in this at all.  To avoid problems such as this in the future, perhaps the applications should have the student's name removed from them in the future, so that they earn the scholarship based solely upon merit, rather than any family connections.

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