Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Liquor License Caps Remain

Missed teh city council meeting last night so did not get to see the reaction when no one seconded Frontabarger's motion to raise the city liquor license cap. I think that is the first time, at least that I recall, that a motion has died in council for lack of a second.

From the article, I can't tell if Mayor Fritzler was truyly suprised on just disengenious with his comment regarding council members commenting on the issue during council comments:

"If you didn't want to discuss it when it was an agenda item, why discuss it now?" Fritzler said.

Givne the described reaction of the crowd attending, of course the council members are going to want to explain their reasoning for the lack of a second of the measure.  Unless there has been a lot of behind the scenes negotiting regarding this, which from the way things turned out I doubt, there needs to be a lot more more put into crafting this ordinance, as putting it into place will affect the financal well being of a number ol long time Carbondale businesses.

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