Friday, June 24, 2011

Lance Jack's Liquor License

Lance Jack failed to get the liquor license for Fat Patties renewed at this week's city council meeting, so there will  be a special meeting of the Liquor Control Commission this Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Civic Center.  The Liquor Advisory Board had recommended that all businesses applying for renewal of their licenses, including Fat Patties, be approved.  It appears that Jack, as a result of his position on the city council, was the only license holder not renewed.  Even Kevin Kirkwood's (who had been the target or recent police activity) Icebox Bar and Grille got a license renewal without any difficulty.

Councilwoman Adams points out that the city attorney sees no legal difficulty with Jack serving on city council, he just cannot serve on the Liquor Control Commission:

I have been advised by the City Attorney that he sees no legal problem with Jack serving on Council, though he cannot serve on the Liquor Control Commission. State law, I understand, forbids any liquor license holder from being a liquor commissioner.

Knowing his position, the people of Carbondale elected him to another term on the city council.  it appears they are not concerned with his inability to serve as a LCC member and feel what he has to offer as a council member outweighs being one member short on the LCC.   If there is no other reason for Fat Patties not getting its license renewed, the LAB needs to go ahead and approve it.

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