Monday, February 11, 2019

City Council Agenda

Here is the agenda for tomorrow night's city council meeting. A topic of major concern to downtown businesses is parking and the council is scheduled to discuss that. Slowly, parking meters have vanished from downtown, getting replaced by pay kiosks, which are certainly more practical given that a lot of people do not carry change these days:

1. Preliminaries to the City Council Meeting
1.1 Roll Call 1
.2 Council Comments, General Announcements, and Proclamations
 1.3 Citizens' Comments and Questions 2. Public Hearings and Special Reports
 2.1 Presentation of the Street Condition Survey/Study Project (ST1802) by Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen, Inc. (TWM) 3. Consent Agenda of the City Council
3.1 Approval of Minutes from the Regular City Council Meeting of January 22, 2019
3.2 Acceptance of Approved Meeting Minutes from Boards, Commissions, and Committees
 3.3 Approval of Warrant for the Period Ending: 01/25/2019 for the FY 2019 Warrant 1347 in the Total Amount of $1,048,297.37
3.4 Approval of Wells Fargo Warrant for the Period Ending 12/31/2018 FY 2019 Warrant # WF 12/2018 in the amount of $128,505.73
3.5 Resolution Commending Gary Belles for Service to the City of Carbondale
3.6 Approval of Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Lining by Spectra Tech, LLC in the Amount of $43,500 3.7 Approval of a Temporary Easement to Ameren Illinois for the Construction of a Natural Gas Pipeline on East Main Street
3.8 Award of Purchase of Two (2) 31 Cubic Yard Dual Arm Fully-Automated Refuse Trucks to Key Equipment Company of Bridgeton, MO in the amount of $662,234
 3.9 Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Engineering Agreement with Asaturian Eaton and Associates P.C. in the Amount of $48,000 for the Design of the New Era Road Reconstruction (ST1901) Project
 3.10 Resolution Authorizing a Three (3) Year Extension of the Manhole Rehabilitation Project (SA0901) with Spectra Tech, LLC
 3.11 Resolution Approving the Final Plat of the Quattro Development - Carbondale Minor Subdivision and the Subdivision Agreement
3.12 Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Submit an Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Bike Path Program Grant
3.13 Resolution Appropriating $52,800 in Matching Funds for SIMPO Project to Reconstruct Freeman Street from Glenview Drive to Oakland Avenue
3.14 Approval of Consent Agenda Items 4. General Business of the City Council
4.1 Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter Into An Agreement with Champion Community Investments as Part of the DCEO Revolving Loan Fund Closeout Recapture Strategy
4.2 City Council Discussion Regarding Downtown Parking
4.3 Ordinance Creating No Parking Zones on Various Streets Within the Northeast Quadrant of the City
5. Executive Session
5.1 Vote to Enter into Executive Session to Discuss the Setting of Price for the Sale or Lease of Property Owned by the Public Body and to Discuss Pending or Imminent Litigation
 5.2 Motion to Reenter into Open Session
 6. Adjournment of the City Council Meeting
 6.1 Adjourn meeting

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