Friday, November 2, 2018


Picked up some numbers from last weekend's events. If you have any additional figures, go ahead and post them in the comments or send 'em as a message.

Attendance at Trump Rally--somewhere between 7000 and 13,000. No appreciable traffic increase or business in Carbondale prior to the event but traffic picked up noticeably on Walnut heading east afterwards. Talked to the owner of one coffee shop in Murphysboro and they were slammed with business on Friday night, as were other coffee shops and restaurants. Apparently the Secret Service really like their coffee. Business was back to normal on Saturday as everyone was at the rally.

Trick or Treat on Main--estimated 200-300 trick or treaters in downtown. Wedding at the civic center took up a lot of parking so it was really tight in downtown between about 11 and 3.

Great Pumpkin Race--did not see it but was told more participants than last year but fewer spectators.

Halloween concert--Walked over about 9:30. The various vendors were doing little to no business at the time, although from what I heard later they were all happy or at least satisfied with sales. Found out that the Washington Street concert area can hold about 12,000 people. I estimated about 500 at the time I went by, all clustered in the grassy area next to the stage. Others estimated the number at over double that, some 1200 to 1300. Reportedly, quite a few people in costume.

Downtown--Drove through Downtown about 10 p.m. and saw what I considered a normal number of people on the strip and comparatively few in costume, significantly less than last year and no lines to get into any of the bars. Maybe most of them were at the concert and things picked up later.

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