Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Vision Placard

Following up on yesterday's post, most experts I have read agree that if you have goals, you are much more likely to accomplish them if you post them where you can see them on a regular basis.

The city worked on residential areas a few years ago by enforcing zoning ordinances on mobile homes much more strictly than it had been. Most of the mobile homes in residential areas in town were put there almost 50 years ago during a time of booming enrollment, lax zoning and shortages of housing. The homes were not designed to still be in use 50 decades later and many have deteriorated significantly.

Improvements to downtown in recent months included installing additional bike racks and removing decaying trees along main streets with plans to replace them later this year. Also the demolition of the mold infested Holiday/Horizon Inn and the new Casey's going up across the street.

Small steps, but steady ones.

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