Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas Parking

I realize school ends tomorrow and then SIUC has a week of finals but can the city get the "free parking" bags on the meters already? While I understand the need for meters in downtown in order fund repairs to the parking lots, free parking at this time of year would really help the few retail shops (Carbondale Cycle, Phoenix Cycle, Walk the Line, Nest, Bella Sara and I may have forgot a couple) in downtown.

Most of downtown Carbondale is destination shopping. People either go to a restaurant or a bar or to a stylist. There is not enough product based retailing in downtown to entice people to spend a Saturday afternoon wandering around the downtown area. Customers come in and take care of business at the Civic Center, get their hair done or get something to eat, then leave. Free parking,even for a few weeks, would help them stay in downtown longer.

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