Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Power the Tower

Advanced Energy Solutions will install solar power on the WDBX station building at no charge to the station and use the opportunity as a hands on training session on July 16 &23. Hopefully, other local businesses will check out the event and see if converting to solar might be a feasible option for them.

 In Celebration of 17 Years of Business, Advanced Energy Solutions Plans to install Solar Power on WDBX Community Radio Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. dba AES Solar has now been providing excellent service and resources to Southern Illinois for 17 years as of June 4th. In the Native American tradition celebrating your birthday by giving presents to others, AES Solar will be gifting WDBX Community Radio 91.1 with solar power, and using the opportunity to train future solar power providers through a hands on John A. Logan class in Solar knowledge scheduled for July 16th & 23rd.

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